King of the Monsters. Godzilla, or Gojira in Japanese, has been a titan for decades, burning away every competitor in his path. When Atlassian rolled out its innovative project management tool in 2002, it wanted to invoke that same kind of raw power to hunt down software glitches. That’s why it named the application Jira, in honor of the King of the Monsters.

This proprietary software is free for use by non-profit organizations, open source projects, and charities. Religious organizations, academic groups, businesses, and governmental groups must pay for the service. 

Basic Bugs

Developing software applications can be sticky business. Australian software pioneer Atlassian saw a need for a solution that would allow developers to track bugs and issues during the development process. 

To use JIRA, developers log into a dashboard that has a whole host of useful features and functions. This central hub then lets them figure out what the issues are easily and determine how to remedy them. Included in JIRA’s functionality are ways to configure the following:

  • Notifications
  • Types of Issues
  • Workflow
  • Screens
  • Custom Fields 
  • Permissions
  • Field Configurations

Companies have found JIRA to be an invaluable tool for improving their software and mobile apps to be more usable and more stable. 

Industry Standard

Jira is the industry standard in project management. With over thirty million customers all over the world, it’s the big guy in the room when it comes to ensuring that software is working the way that it’s supposed to, before it gets to the end user. 

There are many competitors that are trying to catch a bit of the market that JIRA holds onto. Among these are VersionOne, PivotalTracker, and Mingle. None of these come close to the size or ease of use of JIRA, however competitors are constantly working to take a bite out of this big guy. 

There have been some issues with Jira, however. In 2010, two Apache Software Foundation servers were compromised. This led to the compromise of the JIRA database of passwords. Users were advised to change their passwords. Atlassian took steps to prevent future breaches.  

Premium Packages

JIRA offers three different packages to fit the needs of its customers. Jira Core is a general project management tool that fits the needs of most users. Jira Service Desk is for IT professionals and service desks who need to support a wide range of end users. Jira Software offers agile project management tools that were once part of the separate Jira Agile service.

Licenses to use JIRA are commercially based. Its free resources are for open source clients that are non-governmental, non-academic, non-political, non-profit, and that are totally secular in nature. 

JIRA has evolved over the last twenty years of development. It started out as simply an issue tracking software program, however today it offers a whole host of other features. Plugins like Portfolio, BigPicture, Tempo Timesheets, and Structure have expanded Jira’s flexibility and functionality. It supports Networked Help Desk API in order to allow other tracking systems to share support tickets and improve functionality across systems. 

With the backing of Atlassian, JIRA has proven to be a reliable and useful tool for developers of software and mobile applications.