TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer

The Avant-Garde has every place in the world of watches. 

TAG Heuer as a name combines the first letters of the phrase “techniques d’avante garde” and the last name of founder Edouard Heuer. The avante garde in the name implies the experimental, boundary-pushing nature of this Swiss watchmaker. 

This high-level watchmaking company was founded in 1860 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. The great-grandson of the founder of TAG Heuer is still involved in the company, serving as the honorary chairman. However, TAG Heuer is today a   subsidiary of LVMH, a French luxury goods conglomerate. 

Not Just Watches

TAG Heuer has expanded well beyond just watches. The company designs and manufactures fashion accessories and of course, watches. It’s also moved towards a licensing model, allowing the TAG Heuer name to be placed on a whole variety of products, not just watches. These include things as disparate as eyewear and mobile phones.

The company has long catered especially to men. Its male offerings include a whole range of products like belts, wallets, bags, bracelets, jackets, and cufflinks. TAG Heuer has long catered to the male side of its watch and fashion lines, to a great deal of success. 

Always Pushing Ahead

The company’s push to become better goes all the way back to its founder. Edouard Heuer pioneered technology in the chronograph, receiving patents on that technology in 1887 and 1882. This oscillating pinion that Heuer patented is still used by many major watchmakers today.

Heuer also pushed ahead with clocks in other formats. He patented the first dashboard clock for use in motor vehicles in 1911. He also introduced his first wrist chronograph in 1914. The dashboard automotive technology would prove to be something that Heuer would continue to develop, adding more patents in that technology as the years went by. 

Innovation kept going throughout the timeline of TAG Heuer. In the sixties, the company introduced an automatic chronograph. In 1975, the company added the Chronosplit, a chronograph with dual LCD and LED displays. 

Slowing it Down

The innovation has slowed down considerably since the company was bought out by LVMH in 1995. That doesn’t mean that the company has been slowing down by any means. 

In 2010, TAG debuted the first magnetic oscillator without an offspring handle that was capable of providing the torque of a hairspring. 

Telling About Time

Advertising and getting the word out about its products has long been a strong suit of TAG Heuer. The company has had a wide variety of prestigious ad campaigns over the years. It sponsors many popular films and sporting events. 

Powerful, adored members of society have shown their support for TAG. These include names like Tom Brady, Cristiano Ronaldo, Chris Hemsworth, Jeff Gordan, Maria Sharapova, Jeremy Lin, Uma Therman, and many more. A major part of this company’s brand push comes from its celebrity ties. 

The company sponsors a huge number of sporting events. These include a long list of arenas for which this is the official timekeeper. Series A, Premier League, Major League Soccer, La Liga, and more count TAG as their sponsor. 

As part of the LVMH family of brands, TAG Heuer has all of the support it needs to continue to be a  top watch brand in the world.