Style is timeless.

Begun in India, Fastrack is a retail fashion accessory brand that’s based out of India. Starting in 1998, the company was originally part of the Titan Watches brand. It spun out on its own in 2005, and since then there’s been no looking back.

Titanic Parent

Titan Watches is the original parent brand of Fastrack. That would make Tata and Tamu Nadu Industrial Development Corp (TIDCO) the grandparents of Fastrack, as those are the parents of Titan.

What this means for Fastrack is a wide ranging market penetration and high level company officials who have training and experience from some of the largest and most successful companies in India. 

TIDCO is a state owned multinational corporation who works to foster growth in technology and industry in India. It’s sole purpose is to forward the Indian economy by nurturing innovation. Tata is one of India’s largest conglomerates, though each of its companies (like Titan) operates independently. Tata is famously run by the Tata family, one of the most prominent business families in India for one hundred and fifty years. 

High Tech High Fashion

What sets Fastrack apart is its quality and technical proficiency. The company’s watches are sleek and stylish, while also offering all of the functionality that is needed for the youth markets of today. 

Fastrack is the number one watch brand among young people in India. It’s watches are elegant but youthful, quirky and colorful. That translates into innovative marketing practices that rely heavily on social media engagement and advertising. 

The company has managed to largely sidestep controversy in its two decades in business through the experienced leadership that’s come down from its previous parent companies. 

The transition to smart watches has been a major part of the Fastrack brand strategy. It’s not just watches though – Fastrack has broadened into virtual reality headsets and much more as it pushes its tech feel and captures a wider audience. 

More than Watches

The independent, urban youth branding from Fastrack has grown to extend well beyond time pieces.

In 2009, the company extended its niche to include sunglasses, bags, wallets, and belts. This brand extension has been a huge play for Fastrack, as the company works to compete in a marketplace which now values watches more as fashion accessories than as essential timepieces. By playing to its strengths, Fastrack as been able to grow its business.

The branding of Fastrack has been formulative. It uses tongue in cheek advertising methods to break out of the clutter and to extend its reach. The growing presence of the company on Facebook is a prime example of this, with a fan base on that platform that now numbers near ten million.

Transition to Stores

In 2009, Fastrack began opening retail stores. These shops are targeted at the same youth demographic that its branded products are. There are more than one hundred and fifty exclusive Fastrack stores across India. These stores are located in almost eighty cities, giving the company a solid market penetration that allows it to keep growing and to reach its target demographic. 

Going forward, Fastrack is expected to further expand its product lines and to potentially move beyond India. With the vast opportunities in tech and youth markets, this brand is positioned to be a global player.