Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.

That little blue box is what every woman wants.

The iconic Tiffany brand has been wowing both women and men for almost two hundred years with its little blue box full of the highest quality jewelry. In particular, the company’s diamond and sterling silver pieces are sought after for their lustre and craftsmanship. The company has expanded over the years to include lighting, china, crystal, watches, perfumes, leather goods, stationary, and more. 

What the company continues to be most famous for are its little blue boxes that are wrapped up with ribbon and contain beautiful jewelry. The color “Tiffany blue” is even a unique shade. 

Young and Tiffany

Tiffany & Co. was founded by John B. Young and Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1837 in Connecticut as a stationary and luxury store. It was Charles Tiffany who created the focus that would lead the brand into immense success, moving from stationery to jewelry. The Manhattan store was called “the palace of jewels” and the company gained notoriety when it bought the French crown jewels in 1970. Louis Comfort Tiffany took over the company just after the turn of the century, and his artistic vision catapulted Tiffany & Co. to what it is today.

Lamps and glassware are particular and unique highlights of the Tiffany collection. The beautifully colored glass and metal designs are wholly unique and highly sought after. Tiffany lamps are among the most prized in the world of antique and vintage lighting. 

Tiffany was bought by the Avon corporation in 1978, after which the brand’s premium was severely diminished. It wasn’t until almost twenty years later when a group of investors led by William Chaney bought the company and turned it public again that some of the former prestige was recaptured. Tiffany’s total assets today top five billion dollars. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Tiffany’s has a great deal of it’s legacy tied up in popular culture. Truman Capote’s classic novel, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, inspired a film starring Audrey Hepburn of the same name. Her iconic performance in the role and the fashion that was highlighted in the movie are still relevant almost sixty years later. The film inspired a 90’s alternative rock song by the band Great White Something.

The Eagles’ 1974 song “Hotel California” includes the line “her mind was Tiffany twisted” as a way to invoke a woman who is obsessed with wealth and luxury. Tiffany and its iconic New York City location are both indelibly intertwined with the ideas of luxury and beauty. James Bond heroine Tiffany Case is named after the company. 

Tiffany’s has been honored with numerous awards from the United States government, and was a favorite of First Lady Lady Bird Johnson. The company is also known to design and create many high level sports trophies for the likes of the Super Bowl and NASCAR. 

Legacy in a Modern Age

Tiffany & Co. remains a premium brand that is highly sought after by jewel enthusiasts as well as collectors. Tiffany glass as well as Tiffany jewels and dinnerware are highly sought after collectibles and antiques. The company’s dedication to exquisite decoration has helped its products to last long after their original production time. 

Much of the company’s value today is wrapped up in its name and its status as an icon in American craftsmanship. Though it is not as prestigious and influential as it once was, Tiffany & Co. continues to endure with its unique vision of beauty and quality.